When Mobile Devices Get Stolen

| 08.01.2014 |

Too many people have their entire lives, both professional and personal, stored in their mobile devices. But what happens if these devices are lost or stolen?

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There is a dangerous trend that has been gaining credibility among human resources offices across the United States: refusing to hire people because of how they use their social media pages.

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A Few Words On Crowdfunding

| 07.30.2014 |

Does crowdfunding for business really work? And, if so, what kind of results can one expect? Our friends at Choice Loans came up with this interactive infographic that tells you everything you always wanted to know about crowdfunding - with an emphasis on how to get results.

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Breakfast At Work?

| 07.29.2014 |

Here is a question for the business owners and managers: Do you think it is appropriate for your staff to come into work in the morning and have a leisurely breakfast when they should be working? I have seen it happen many times, and it always makes me want to snap, crackle and pop with displeasure.

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Stuart E. Weidie, president of Alliance AutoGas, Ocean Springs, Miss.

| 07.28.2014 |

When it comes to the subject of alternative automotive fueling solutions, there is a lot of confusion and misinformation that clouds the conversation. Stuart E. Weidie has the goal to offer a clear understanding of how autogas can offer an effective transportation fuel solution.

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