Is Raising The Gas Tax A Bad Idea?

| 07.29.2015 |

Congress should bite the bullet and raise the gas tax to fund highway repairs and construction. And it should make sure highway taxes are used for the roads not to finance politicians' pet projects and line union pockets.

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Candidate Spotlight: Ted Cruz On The Export-Import Bank

| 07.28.2015 |

Last Friday, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) offered a dramatic speech on the floor of the U.S. Senate regarding the political machinations behind the reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank. Cruz, who is seeking the Republican presidential nomination, provided a harsh criticism of his party's leadership on this issue.

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Jonah White, CEO, Billy Bob Teeth Inc., Hardin, Ill.

| 07.27.2015 |

Jonah White is the founder of Billy Bob Teeth and CEO of a gag-gift company that sells over 200 products, most notably the "Billy Bob Teeth" item that plays on the Redneck stereotype. He has also hosted The Discovery Channel's Billy Bobs Gags to Riches, which detailed his business success.



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The Impact Of Uber On The Workforce

| 07.24.2015 |

I have a love-hate relationship with ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft. I love the convenience and level of service that traditional taxis don't offer. But I hate what they portend for the future of work with their rapidly expanding business model that pretends regular workers are franchisees.

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Godwin And The Pursuit Of Justice

| 07.23.2015 |

Emotions seem to trump reason, and desires for what should be have more weight than reality. Once, we would have called such people naive or idealistic, but today they are the vast majority. As Tocqueville warned, that is the mentality of those who see the individual as set above all other considerations, and those in power are quick to pander to such a mentality.

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