Health Gadgets And Apps Outpace Privacy Protections

| 08.26.2016 |

The federal patient privacy law known as HIPAA has not kept pace with wearable fitness trackers, mobile health apps and online patient communities, leaving a gaping hole in regulations that needs to be filled, according to a much-delayed and recently-released government report.

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When Government Overreaches Its Responsibility

| 08.25.2016 |

Government is not society but the enforcer of law and defender of individual rights. A government that usurps society ignores its original purpose, and justice is lost.

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How Pumping Iron Can Make You More Successful In Business

| 08.24.2016 |

At first glance, it is a strange correlation. What on earth could working out with weights have to do with being more successful in business?

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Video Redux: Are You Thinking About Retirement?

| 08.23.2016 |

Today, we revisit one of our older Video Digest productions - in this case, a consideration of whether you have the financial viability to fund your post-working years.

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Chad Paolucci, owner of Darkest Before Dawn, Meriden, Conn.

| 08.22.2016 |

Chad Paolucci started playing music when he was 12, and over the years he created work that was strictly designed for an audio environment. Yet more recently, his focus shifted to another sensory field and his mind became rich with ideas that required another instrument.

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