Are You Thinking About Retirement?

| 09.01.2015 |

As summer draws to a conclusion, it seems appropriate to consider the approaching autumn: not just the change of season, but also the autumnal period of one's life. And this leads to a harsh question: do you have enough money in place for your autumn years?

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Jacomo Hakim, founder and CEO, BookATailor, New York City

| 08.31.2015 |

BookATailor is a new service designed to help men shop for suits and shirts. BookATailor has stylists in 12 showrooms around the U.S. that can take an 18 point measurement through a tablet and build the customer a bespoke profile that is stored on file. The customer chooses what fabrics he wants and goes through styling options of his selection. After the order is placed, the customer receives his bespoke clothing in under four weeks.

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The Next Big Thing? -

| 08.28.2015 |

FlexJobs, an online service for professionals seeking telecommuting, flexible schedule, part-time and freelance jobs, recently introduced, an independent website that provides information and best practices about starting, developing, and managing successful remote workers, teams and companies.

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Thoreau On Walking

| 08.27.2015 |

The news can be a difficult thing to handle. There is strife across the world, and all levels of society seem to be affected. In response, we tend to do a lot of talking, but not a lot of thinking. We often spend our days making claims about the world, but we spend few hours experiencing it. Wordsworth said that "the world is too much with us" because we lose touch with what matters.

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9 Mistakes Most Businesses Make On Social Media

| 08.26.2015 |

Everyone is using social media for their B2B outreach - but is everyone using social media correctly?

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