Treat Your Interns Well

| 08.21.2014 |

For Red Nova Labs, Hubble is not just a space telescope. It's also the name of the tool we use to analyze and compare the performances of our clients' websites – a telescope in its own right, only one that's pointed inward at the heart of our company and its success.

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Tracking Your Social Media Data

| 08.20.2014 |

So, how do you know whether or not anyone is paying attention to your company's social media output? Today, our friends at Infographic World offer their insight on how you can effectively track your social media data.


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Typos? Oh No!

| 08.19.2014 |

For a business owner, few things are more aggravating than typographical errors in company paperwork or marketing materials. And what is really bothersome is knowing that those mistakes could have been caught before anything went into print.

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Donna Novitsky, founder and CEO, Yiftee, Menlo Park. Calif.

| 08.18.2014 |

When it comes to e-gifting, it often seems that the major chains and franchises dominate that segment. But Donna Novitsky is seeking to level the playing field with Yiftee, an online service designed to drive business to smaller local merchants who often lose out on e-gifting dollars.

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The Next Big Thing? - EcoReco M3 Electric Scooter

| 08.15.2014 |

How would you like to get around town on a green vehicle gives off no CO2 emissions, folds compactly under a desk or chair, and can travel 500 miles on a $1 electrical charge? For your traveling consideration, we would like to share the EcoReco M3 Electric Scooter with you.

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