The Next Big Thing? - Weadeo

| 11.21.2014 |

Weadeo is a new platform that is designed to connect entrepreneurs with creative professionals, enabling the creation of impressive crowd-funding campaigns.

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Kinsta Presents The Honey Elixir Project

| 11.20.2014 |

Online marketing has become so complex that many small business owners - most of whom have little or no marketing experience - don't know how to start it or do it the right way.  And that's where London-based Kinsta WordPress Hosting comes in.


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How To Use LinkedIn For Lead Generation

| 11.19.2014 |

LinkedIn is widely known for its unique ability to connect employers with potential employees while creating the premier professional networking platform for social media. But did you know that if you approach LinkedIn from a marketing angle, it can be a great way to establish yourself as an authority in your niche as well as a powerful lead generation tool?

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Wishing Everyone Happy Birthday

| 11.18.2014 |

If you want to make a great impression with a business client or potenial client, remember their birthday and express best wishes when that day arrives. Yes, I am completely serious! This week's video details why I am a strong believer in spreading birthday goodwill.

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Bill Howard, CEO of Snap Creative, Los Angeles

| 11.17.2014 |

The holiday season is just around that proverbial corner, and many parents are thinking about the toys they will purchase for their children. But Bill Howard has been thinking about that all year.

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