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Adam Gilbert, founder and president, My Body Tutor, New York City

| 03.24.2014 |

This is the first full week of spring, and for too many people that is no reason to celebrate. It seems that these folks are comfortable hiding themselves under bulky layers of winter clothing - in the warmer weather, less clothing reveals bodies in need of weight loss and toning.


And that's where Adam Gilbert comes in. His online service My Body Tutor offers a user-friendly approach to reaching and maintaining better health and wellness. How does Gilbert do it? Well, let's find out!


Q: What was the genesis of My Body Tutor, and was this the first time you created your own company?


Adam Gilbert: The idea for MBT was sparked in Corporate America. As the “go to” fitness guy, I was always giving my colleagues, partners and clients advice. It was always the same story. “I love the plan you made for me but I got caught up with work, or my kids, or happy hour, etc., etc., etc.”


In short: these people knew what to do (I had given them a plan) but they weren’t sticking with it. After hearing the “but” for the thousandth time, I realized something had to be done.


I set out to create a service that not only advised people what to do in order to reach their health and fitness goal(s) - but made sure they actually did it consistently. After all, doing it consistently is the hard part.


This wasn’t the first time I created my own company. In my sophomore year of college, I started a business that helped local businesses connect with students. I became friendly with a few local restaurant owners and they’d tell me how hard it was to reach students. I began by distributing flyers throughout the campus. This worked well, and I knew other local businesses would benefit from this so I created a website called BingCoupons.com. At its peak, 30 local businesses were paying a monthly fee to be featured on the website.


This eventually turned into the Ultimate Discount Card. There were only so many local businesses but there were 12,000-plus students. We wound up selling over 1,500 discount cards and partnering with a national company.


Q: How long did it take to create My Body Tutor, and when did it officially launch?


Adam Gilbert: I quit my full time job on January 12, 2007, and officially launched MyBodyTutor on February 5, 2007.


I always knew I’d start a health and fitness company (it’s been my passion since I was 9 years old). I had the idea for MBT for awhile, but didn’t start working on it until January 19, 2007. I gave myself one full week off after leaving corporate America, then worked night and day until (and after) launching MBT.


Q: For those who are not familiar with your site, how does My Body Tutor work?


Adam Gilbert: It works ridiculously well! So much so that we offer a money back guarantee! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)


It turns out, the key to losing weight and getting the body you want is about three things: eating right, exercising and doing those two things consistently. It’s the consistency part that’s so hard. That’s what we focus on.


Here’s how it works: You pick a plan on our Join Now page. Once you sign up, we’ll send you a questionnaire so we learn more about you, your current diet/exercise habits, your history, and goals. Based on your responses, we’ll match you with a Body Tutor.


Your Body Tutor will then reach out to set up an initial phone consultation. On that initial call (about 30 to 40 minutes), you’ll talk about your current diet/exercise habits, challenges, goals, and most importantly, we’ll create a plan that will get you to your goals; a plan that you feel absolutely comfortable with (otherwise, you’ll never be able to stick with it).


Then, what separates us from the billion and one other companies, programs, services, apps, etc., is that we make sure you actually stick with it day in and day out. We help you stick to the plan by providing daily and personal accountability plus daily support along with our system to monitor and track your progress. This is the key.


So, throughout the day (or all at once at night, your choice) you log into our system, which is very easy and fun to use. You type in or upload a picture of your meals and what you did for exercise (if it was an exercise day) along with a few other powerful questions and submit your report at the end of the day.


The following day, your very own Body Tutor (the same person who you spoke on the phone with) will give you personalized feedback, critique and encouragement to make sure you’re staying on track and being consistent. If you’re not, we help you understand why.


Whether it’s a tactical challenge or a mental roadblock, we’re in communication with our clients every single day and it makes all of the difference. This is why we get the results we do.


Q: How do you promote and market My Body Tutor, and how many people have signed up as a client?


Adam Gilbert: I’m very proud that MBT has grown almost entirely via word of mouth and press. Thankfully, our clients’ amazing results promotes MBT. Results beget referrals. And because of those results, we’re consistently featured in the national media.


We’re very grateful and lucky to work with clients nationally and internationally. We have clients in over 30 countries.


Q: What have been the challenges in running My Body Tutor, and what have been your triumphs?


Adam Gilbert: In a highly competitive space, we’ve managed to make a name for ourselves, and I’m very proud of that. There are companies out there with tons of money at their disposal. We’ve consciously decided against raising money and have turned down potential investors many times in the last six-plus years.


I don’t want outside money because then we’ll wind up working for our investors, not our clients. If we take outside money, the number one goal becomes maximizing profit. Rather than continuing to make sure our clients get amazing results by helping them stay consistent.


So a big challenge (and triumph) has been to remain independent and true to what we really believe is right for the client. Thankfully, it’s paying off.


Something else I’m proud of (and I’ve never revealed this before because it’s a no-brainer for me) is that several times a week we’re approached to promote food, diet pills and all sorts of exercise contraptions. Companies are always looking for other companies to promote their products.


We’d generate thousands of extra dollars per month if we said yes to just a few of these requests. But we’re not in this for the short term. MBT is something I’ll be doing in 30 years from now. This is my life’s work.


We’ve worked extremely hard to gain the trust of our clients and readers, and I’d never, ever, do anything to jeopardize that.


Q: What advice would you give to someone interested in starting an online business?


Adam Gilbert: Be willing to work day and night for a long, long time.


Adam Gilbert's My Body Tutor is online at www.mybodytutor.com