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Bodvar Hafstrom, CEO of Bodvar of Sweden, Stockholm

| 09.01.2014 |

If Swedish business maverick Bodvar Hafstrom has his way, Americans will soon be in love with his namesake wine Bodvar of Sweden No.5 Rosé.


Hafstrom's family is one of Europe's most notable providers of high-quality alcoholic beverages and other luxury products. His great-great-grandfather started Hafstroms of Sweden, which offers an exclusive assortment of hand-rolled premium cigars. In addition, his family founded the legendary Gronstedts Cognac in 1846. Bodvar of Sweden No.5 Rosé is already a hit in Sweden and is just now arriving across the Atlantic for American wine lovers to enjoy.


We spoke with Hafstrom about his plans to influence American wine tastes.


Q: Many Americans may not be familiar with the Bodvar of Sweden name, and some people may assume that you are selling Swedish-created wine. What is your strategy to introduce your wine to the U.S. market?


Bodvar Hafstrom: In the very competitive wine market I think it’s very important to differ your brand. We have more than 160 years of tradition in providing the connoisseurs of the world with high quality alcoholic beverages and other luxury products under our Swedish family names towards the national and international discerning customer. If the formulation in our name raises questions in people's minds we are extremly happy to gain instant mindsharing; odd becomes unique.


Bodvar of Sweden wants to serve the Americans who are curious and passionate about rose wines with the best rosé wines the world has to offer under one defined premium Rosé Brand. We will sell directly to the American Consumer through our rosé community club, Bodvar. One of the most valuable aspects of the Bodvar of Sweden brand is the relationship we have with our rose club members. Besides our direct line to consumer business, we will sell to restaurants and hotels throughout the USA, and in a number of the restaurants we will offer our Bodvar of Sweden bar concept.


Q: How does the U.S. wine market differ from the wine markets in Europe?


Bodvar Hafstrom: One of the first major differences between Europe and America that comes to my mind is the popularity of ”box wine” that’s growing fast in Europe and is nearly non-existent in the United States. The Bodvar of Sweden wines are not sold in boxes and will continue not to do so.


Last year, for the first time, people in the United States purchased more wine than people in France. France’s per capita consumption is still much higher than Americas. In Europe we enjoy wines every day of the week and it has become a part of the meal. In America the consumtion is mainly during the weekends due to longer working days and shorter lunches.


Q: Your Bodvar of Sweden No.5 Rosé is already very popular in Sweden. What is it about the product that has made it so popular?


Bodvar Hafstrom: It's a mix of factors that have made Bodvár of Sweden what it is today. First of all we are a defined Boutique Rosé brand where we provide our customer with the highest quality and newest experiences from around the world. We would define Bodvár of Sweden as young, trendy, sexy and up to date with current trends but at the same time a brand with tradition and history. We are selective about which restaurants may carry our wines.


We saw the new rosé trend with light pink provence rosé coming in 2009 in Sweden and added our Cotes provence wine from Saint Tropez Bodvar of Sweden No. 5 to our wine family. Cotes de Provence wines have become very popular with their characteristic style of dry and light color which is a perfect socializing wine for warm summer days or evenings. Bodvar of Sweden No. 5 is a high quality wine with a floral and fruity bouquet and remarkable tipicity in the mouth owing to traditonal provence grape varieties Grenache and Cinsault.


Q: Are you planning to introduce additional wines to the U.S. in the near future? And, if so, what will be your schedule for introduction?


Bodvar Hafstrom: Yes, we are planning to introduce more wines to the US market. We believe that a Sparkling Rosé would be the naturally second wine for the American Market. We have not chosen from what country and style yet - it depends of the feedback we will get from our American customers.


Q: On the flip side of this equation: what do Swedish wine lovers think of U.S. wines?


Bodvar Hafstrom: There’s a constantly a growing intrest in Sweden for U.S Wines. The Swedish consumers really enjoy the characteristic wines from California and they are curious about wines from other parts of USA. I think that the trend will just continue to grow.


For more information on Bodvar of Sweden No.5 Rose, please see www.bodvarofsweden.com.