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Fabian Calvo, president of The Note House, Clearwater, Fla.

| 07.01.2013 |

Fabian Calvo is one of the most dynamic personalities in the real estate finance world. He is best known as the president of The Note House, one of the most prominent buyers and sellers of distressed residential and commercial nonperforming loans and REOs in the United States. He is also among the busiest leaders in this sector – in addition to The Note House, he is also running a pair of other companies and has branched out into the production of micro-documentary films focused on real estate and the wider economy.


Furthermore, he is the creator of the economic forecasting and current events YouTube channel Fabian4Liberty, which has over 2.6 million views and over 14,700 subscribers, and he was also a candidate for elected office in Florida in 2010.


Needless to say, this is one multi-tasker who qualifies for Superstar status. Let’s find out how he does all of this.


Q: What was the inspiration for The Note House, and when did it launch? And was this the first time that you created your own business?


Fabian Calvo: I created The Note House at the end of 2010. It was the result of owning and operating multiple real estate related private corporations and partnerships for over a decade with a primary focus on residential real estate and small size apartment complexes in major metro markets across the country.


Q: You are also running the Resourceful Real Estate Academy and DRENX. What have been the challenges and the rewards of simultaneously operating three different entities?


Fabian Calvo: Well, they are all real estate related, so I love that. The Resourceful Real Estate Academy (RREA) is my educational company and the one I am most passionate about. The company recently created a long form direct response commercial and plans to roll it out nationwide in July. RREA will teach anyone the skills required for a successful real estate investing career. In all markets, but especially in the current economy, specialized knowledge in whatever asset class you choose to invest in is critical.


DRENX was created as a platform for local, small and medium investors to access non performing debt and distressed real estate or REO's. My partners and I created DRENX as a way to delivery deals usually reserved for large hedge funds and private equities to any investor interested in entering the current real estate market.


Q: Earlier this year, you branched out into nonfiction film production with the micro-documentary "House of Cards: Real Estate's Big Secret." What inspired you to create your own nonfiction film, and what kind of response has the film received?


Fabian Calvo: As someone who is committed to offering the best educational products and content related to economics, real estate and current events, I produced and created this micro-documentary as a way of waking up investors participating or interested in participating in the current real estate market.


It's almost a duty I feel to alert everyone to level of systematic manipulation across all asset classes and markets. Knowing this information and working to track the trends associated can help investors make good moves and play down the risks associated with such an investment climate.


Q: If all of this wasn't enough, you were also a candidate for the Florida legislature in 2010. What was it like to run for public office, and would encourage other business professionals to consider seeking elected office?


Fabian Calvo: You know, it was almost a personal challenge. Our economic and political system is so broken down that I thought I could make a difference. It was a tough race. Because my campaign centered around Libertarian principles and values, I believe the media tried to destroy my character – and that really speaks to how entrenched the political establishment is, that any challenger literally has to risk the wrath of a media which has been proven time after time to distort the truths. It's not something I would do again; however, I do urge everyone, especially investors to keep up with the changing political tides both at home and globally.


Q: What do you see for the near-term future in the U.S. housing market and the wider U.S. economy?


Fabian Calvo: I see the inflation monster rearing its ugly head and pumping up this market for the next six to 24 months until the fiat debt bubble that is being created blows. Great opportunities out there during these times, in fact it could be one of the greatest transfers of wealth in history!


Fabian Calvo's The Note House is online at http://www.thenotehouse.us.