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Flesche Hesch, co-author of Odd Mom Entrepreneur

| 03.21.2016 |

Increasingly, more women with children are becoming entrepreneurs. This development creates very interesting situations for both the new business owners and their families.


Flesche Hesch is known as the Business Advisor for Moms and the founder of the TheBizyMom.com where she teaches women how to successfully launch and grow lucrative businesses that put family first. She and Rachel Olson co-authored the new book Odd Mom Entrepreneur Out: Eliminate Guilt, Grow Your Business + Elevate Your Life.


Q: According to the National Women’s Business Council, the number of women-owned firms has grown 68 percent since 2007, compared with 47 percent for all businesses. What is inspiring this new wave of women-owned firms?


Flesche Hesch: The recent boom in women launching their own businesses can be attributed, in part, to the intersection of technology and family. Most of the women starting businesses are moms and they want to own their schedules and their profits so they can spend more time with their children and enjoy a family-friendly lifestyle. We are at a time in our society where technology has created opportunities for moms to research, create and run global businesses online at any time of day.


Q: What industries have a high level of "MOMpreneurs"? And why are these industries so attractive to these business professionals?


Flesche Hesch: Industries with a high concentration MOMpreneurs are coaching and consulting. These are attractive business models because they do not require a license or certification although there are many training programs readily available to teach the necessary skills to be successful. Coaches and consultants can easily start a low-overhead business from home with little more than a laptop, free online software and a phone.


Coaches and consultants have a unique opportunity to brand themselves as experts and become authors and speakers as well. The possibilities for attaining this leveraged business model are especially attractive to MOMpreneurs because they can create multiple streams of income, limit their work hours, set their own rates and have a virtually limitless income potential.


Q: What are some of the most common mistakes that MOMpreneurs make when they start their own businesses?


Flesche Hesch: The three most common mistakes I see MOMpreneurs make when starting their business are:


Treating themselves like employees in their businesses as opposed to treating themselves like successful CEOs. Successful CEOs focus on leading with their strengths, build out and leverage the use a team and provide leadership for reaching big picture goals.


Poor boundaries around time management with family and clients. I recommend that MOMpreneurs plan out their ideal schedule based on their values. Schedule family time first and work time second. Get the support in place required to help you to stay focused and present in each of these discrete roles. No working during playtime!


Going it alone. Many women feel extreme pressure to bring in healthy incomes, be solely responsible for child rearing and run their businesses with little to no support. More MOMpreneurs would do well to enlist the support of their friends and family as well as business mentorship to ensure they are working as efficiently as possible and to avoid burnout.


Q: Which MOMpreneurs inspire you the most, and why?


Flesche Hesch: Right now, I’m most inspired by celebrity MOMpreneurs such as Reese Witherspoon and Jessica Alba. Their wildly successful brands are bringing more attention to the unique needs of MOMpreneurs as well as reminding other women that motherhood and business go together.