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Kyle Michaud, founder and president, Experience Expositions Inc., Boca Raton, Fla.

| 03.28.2016 |

Kyle Michaud is the driving force behind Experience Expositions, an operator of business-to-consumer festivals including the Yoga Expo, the Green Planet Festival and the upcoming South Florida VegFest. We spoke with this 25-year-old entrepreneur about his career as a business owner. 


Q: What inspired you to create your company, and is the first time you started a business?


Kyle Michaud: Aside from wanting to make a difference in the world and educate consumers on the importance of our planet and its’ resources, I also really loved the idea of choosing my own work and travel schedule. I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was eight, when I used to sell crayfish, minnows and worms at the local boat launch. I sold my last company back in 2013. I have been filling the green space through Green Planet Festival and The Yoga Expo ever since then. The positive feedback I receive from event attendees and the media really motivates me to keep going. I know that what we are doing is important, and it means a lot not only to me but to people all over the world as well.


Q: How are you marketing your festivals and who is your audience?


Kyle Michaud: We market our events and information through quite a few strategic partnerships, and we also have a very strong social media presence. On the social media side, our followers are loyal because they care about the content and the cause. Our primary customers are Yogis and general consumers that are interested in healthy living and of course sustainability.


Q: What have been the challenges and the triumphs in running a company?


Kyle Michaud: In starting any business, it is always challenging to successfully reach your target audience. There is definitely a space that needs to be filled as far as educating consumers and building that awareness, so that’s really what we focus on as a whole. The triumphs are endless but getting to actually witness the impact that our events have on society, being able to grow from city to city throughout the nation, and having the freedom to travel and gain new experiences are definitely all among the top.


Q: What are your business goals for the next 12 months?


Kyle Michaud: The Yoga Expo has seven upcoming events throughout the U.S. and Canada over the course of the 2016 year, so I’d definitely like to see that number continue to grow into 2017. We have a strong national presence and are aiming to make it global.

Experience Expositions is online at http://experienceexpositions.com.