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The Next Big Thing? - GoAnimate

| 01.30.2015 |

Are you looking for new ways to spice up your online marketing? How about creating your own animated videos? That is where GoAnimate comes in.


GoAnimate enables businesses to make videos on their own, in a fast and efficient manner. The results are high-end and professional, and the technology behind this service is user-friendly. Gary Lipkowitz, the company's chief operating officer, explains it all to us in this interview.  .

Q: What was the inspiration for GoAnimate and how long did it take you to create this business?


Gary Lipkowitz: Back around the end of 2007, Alvin (the founder) wanted to make a video. He looked at the plethora of unsuitable options available and thought, “This is going to be tough. I’m going to need to buy a camera, lights,s etc. and learn how to use them. Or learn to draw. Or learn some super-complex Pixar-type animation interface.” Luckily, when the going gets tough, the tough get coding!


Being of an entrepreneurial bent, he built out a team to develop the platform. About a year and a half later, they plugged it in. And it worked. Point, click, drag, drop. Voila! Animated videos for everyone. (More detail here: http://goanimate.com/about)


Q: I cannot draw a straight line and my cell phone pictures are always blurry - how will I be able to create professional quality animated videos with my lack of visual artistry?


Gary Lipkowitz: That's exactly why we created GoAnimate - to support users who cannot draw and don't have time to learn complicated software or programming. We're all busy with our day jobs!


Personally, I can't even draw a good stick figure. But I can make great GoAnimate videos.


Everything on GoAnimate is controlled by simple point and click, drag and drop tools. All the menus are graphical. You can see what you're going to get. And if you don't like what you did, select what you don't like and click the little trash can. Or just click "Undo".


Q: How can a small business prosper from using GoAnimate?


Gary Lipkowitz: There's a lot of ways a small business can use GoAnimate. Here are some of the most popular.


1 - As a welcome or "explainer" video for their home page


2 - To support landing pages for any digital marketing efforts. Customers expect video in the internet now. If they're forced to read, they'll click "back"and go elsewhere.


3 - To "cut through the mix" in content marketing. Content marketing is great for small businesses. It costs next to nothing and builds solid relationships with customers. But there's SO MUCH content out there ... how do you make sure your content stands up and gets noticed? Use video.


Most of your competitors probably want to use video, but are holding back due to the outdated and mistaken notion that making a video would be difficult, time-consuming or expensive. GoAnimate solves those issues, enabling the use of video for small businesses


4 - As ad creative for video advertising. If you're feeling bold and want to run video advertising campaigns, GoAnimate can be the enabler yet again. Here's a great sample from Down Under: http://videohost.goanimate.com/medias/apwove6grt


5 - By testing and optimizing all the videos they're using for all purposes. GoAnimate subscriptions are unlimited use. You may think "I'll sign up for a month and make one video". That's fine. But why not make five versions of that video, keep them all, and see which one performs the best? It doesn't cost anything extra.


Q: What are your plans for GoAnimate in the next 12 months?


Gary Lipkowitz: To capture lightning in a bottle. We want to continue releasing new features which will make it easier for small businesses to create and share videos quickly, easily and painlessly. We also plan to continue releasing more assets such as characters, actions, backgrounds, props, etc. so that we can represent an even wider array of industries and occupations. No matter what your business does - we want you to be able to tell your story using GoAnimate. We already have tens of thousands of such assets. But we are always drawing and animating new ones.